#Interestinghistory – The back-to-backs of Birmingham Part 1

Back to backs were (and still exist in some places) found in many cities throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland 😎

Roberta Writes

During my trip to Birmingham in September 2018, my husband and I visited the back-to-backs of Birmingham. What are back-to-backs you may ask? It is a row of houses, only one room deep, that shared a back wall with another row of houses which faced into an inner court or courtyard.

Court 15, Inge Street in Birmingham represents one of the last surviving courts of back-to-back houses in Britain and we were privileged to visit this piece of history and experience a guided tour.

The courts were not great places to live, they were usually over-crowded, badly maintained and lacking in sanitation.

At Court 15, the residents shared the two wash-houses (locally know as brew-houses), where all the family washing was done. Each wash-house contained a copper, where the water was heated up for washing and for the family bath. After the clothes were washed, they were wrung out and…

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