How to Easily Use the New WordPress Gutenberg Editor – by Janice Wald…

on Mostly Blogging:

Can I address the elephant in the room?

WordPress doesn’t look like WordPress anymore.

The WordPress Gutenberg Editor has replaced the familiar WordPress Editor.

Welcome to the world of blocks! There are blocks available for all kinds of content: You can insert text, headings, images, lists, and lots more!

This post will explain why WordPress switched to the Gutenberg Editor and offer a tutorial so you know how to use the new WordPress editor.

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13 thoughts on “How to Easily Use the New WordPress Gutenberg Editor – by Janice Wald…

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so very much for offering my tutorial to your readers. I feel the comments are as valuable as the tutorial. That way people can see they are not alone in their frustrations over Gutenberg. Great to see you! Happy new year! Thank you again!

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  2. Some of the comments to this article suggest that you have to choose between Gutenberg OR the classic editor immediately. Not so. I’ve used Gutenberg for most of my recent posts, but today discovered it won’t let you insert multiple images in a tiled arrangement, like the classic editor does. You can insert only one image from your library into a specific block. Now maybe it’s possible to squish a bunch of image blocks together, but I didn’t want to experiment with that. So I scrapped that attempt and started a new post, but before I wrote anything, I clicked on the 3 dots in the upper right corner (next to the Settings icon), which opens up a menu of which the last item is “Switch to Classic Editor.” Perfect. Afterward, I wondered if that choice would carry over to future new posts, but it doesn’t — Gutenberg is the default. So yes, you can use either one or the other (for now, anyway). NB: I use the free WordPress option; things might be different in other configurations.

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