Open Letter to a Reader

Readers, please note 😎


Dear Reader,

I hope you are well. My life is richer for having you in it, and I felt the need to let you know. Do you know what I think about as I’m writing my book, what I envisage as I write, The End? Let me tell you.

I see you, imagine you, as you sit in your comfy spot. You are relaxed with your legs curled beneath you and a hot chocolate on a table nearby, or on a lounger under the summer sun. The truth is probably that you are snatching a few seconds on the train to read a sentence, surrounded by the noise of other travellers, but you shut them out for those precious few moments. You’ve been transported to another world. To a world which delights you, scares the jeebies out of you, or one which makes you want to live in that world.

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