What Teasers Do People Want?

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Legends of Windemere

So, I’m scratching my head on what to choose for Teaser Tuesdays.  I can pick from everything, except Bedlam, and that gives me a lot of space to work with.  So, I’m going to open the floor to see if anybody has any requests.  In fact, I’m also going to put a really big poll where people can vote for more than one choice.  Gives me plenty to work with since I’m not promoting a specific book for a while.  So, here we go:

Pretty big list, but I have 20 big works to use.  Well, 18 since I’m not using ‘Crossing Bedlam’ and ‘Chasing Bedlam’.  Not unless people really want those two in the mix and say so in the comments.  By the way, everything that gets a vote will get a Teaser Tuesday, but I’ll just go in highest to lowest order.  Thanks for the help.  If this…

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