Using Kindle Create to Create your Manuscript

Nicholas C. Rossis

Like most of us, I suspect, I upload to Amazon my Word Doc whenever I have a new book or wish to make changes to a previously published one.

However, there is a way that gives you far better control over the finished product, while being user-friendly enough for most of us: Kindle Create lets you format your manuscript using an intuitive environment with a built-in previewer and all the tools you are most likely to need.

The intent of this program seems to be to simplify the publishing process for novice authors. Instead of uploading a Word file and then having to download the result of conversion for testing, Kindle Create handles conversion, previewing, and simple formatting all in one app.

Here is a video guide on using Kindle Create:

Using Kindle Create: the Good…

I recently used Kindle Create to format a couple of documents and it was a…

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