10 Obstacles to Writing a Book and How to Conquer Them – by Alice Sudlow…

on The Write Practice:

What does it take to write a book? What obstacles will you face along the way? And if you’re already writing a book, are the challenges you’re facing normal?

Writing a book can be a fulfilling and personally rewarding process, but I think it’s also important to be honest about the challenges you will face. That way, you can prepare ways to overcome those obstacles rather than allowing them to overcome you.

This week, forty-five writers in our community finished writing their books in the 100 Day Book program. To them, I want to say, CONGRATULATIONS! Our mission at The Write Practice is to help writers finish their books and accomplish their writing goals, and it’s so exciting when we see writers doing just that.

As they finished their books, I asked these writers what the most challenging part of writing a book was. In this post, I’ll share their responses with you as well as the solutions to those challenges, so if when you encounter these challenges, too, you will be equipped to overcome them and keep writing.

Ready? Here are the ten greatest obstacles we’ve found writers face as they write their books:

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