Is This the End of KBoard’s Writers’ Café? – by Melinda Clayton…

on Indies Unlimited:

Users of KBoards may remember that KBoards, originally named KindleBoards, was founded by Harvey Chute in 2007 as a gathering place to discuss Amazon’s new Kindle eReader.

Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing in 2007, and in November of 2010 (according to Harvey’s “Hello from Harvey” post), a haven for writers was added at KBoards. Over the years, the Writers’ Café has attracted thousands of authors, some in search of information and answers, others donating time and expertise. As of this date, there are 2,580 pages of discussions at the Writers’ Café with posts made by many of the 100,000+ KBoards members.

Sadly, Harvey Chute passed away September 15, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

Harvey’s wife and daughters kept KBoards going for a long time after Harvey’s death, but Mrs. Chute made an announcement August 9, 2018 that she would be selling KBoards to a company called VerticalScope (VS).

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3 thoughts on “Is This the End of KBoard’s Writers’ Café? – by Melinda Clayton…

  1. I seem to have last used it in about 2013. Except I’ve just moved in and done some cleaning of my profile. I don’t see how to delete the whole account, though, nor to delete the books so painstakingly put on their system, since a new password and author account is needed, and I’m not signing up to anything there now. At least it just has Amazon data and links to the Amazon pages, so maybe it’ll moulder away in the background.
    Fingers crossed.

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