How To Modify Track Changes Name In Grammarly For Word – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

Grammarly is an excellent application for correcting grammar and spelling

A lot of writers select Grammarly because you can use it in so many different ways.

With a Microsoft Office add-on for Microsoft Word and the ability to enable Grammarly in a browser extension on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, you can use it almost anywhere you write.

The latest version now supports Google Docs as well.

Grammarly for Microsoft Office integration is not available for Mac users, but it is very easy to use the app for Mac, which is a fully optioned online editor.

Whether you use the Office version or the Mac editor, there is, however, one small issue that many users would like to resolve.

The problem is that when you use Track Changes in Word, the corrections are marked as “Grammarly”.

If you are working with an editor or proofreader, you may not want them to see this notation when you exchange versions of your document.

I have seen many users ask this question online, so here is a way that you can easily remove the notation.

The fix will work for all Word users, including Mac users who use a Grammarly download for Word files from the editor.

But first, let me explain the wrong way because I have seen it noted online, and it doesn’t work.

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