Creativity—You Are Absolutely Unique – by Joel Friedlander…

on The Book Designer:

I’m getting ready to publish a new book on creativity called Meeting the Muse: 28 Ways to Unlock the Pleasures & Avoid the Pitfalls of Your Creative Life.

This book is not about book publishing, but more about the motives that move us to be creative, as all writers and authors are.

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2 thoughts on “Creativity—You Are Absolutely Unique – by Joel Friedlander…

  1. I tried to post on the original site but it just kept giving me sums to do to prove I wasn’t a robot and after doing about 20 and still not getting my post accepted I’m putting it here. But it has put me in a bad mood and I won’t be bothering with that site again.

    I used to work in the kitchens of a nursing home and then a pub. I have probably done more washing up in any one year than most people do in a lifetime and I never produced a creative thought while doing it. Quite the opposite but this is not a bad thing. I found it the equivalent of picking up that rubber and wiping a blackboard full of scribbled clutter (incomplete ideas, tangents, unsolved problems) away and producing a clean slate so nothing that wasn’t working survives.

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