Talk Like a Pirate Day quotes and phrases to sound like a salty sea dog – by Jessica Lindsay…

on Metro Online:

In this godforsaken world, we have to find joy somehow.

Talking like a pirate is a silly and frivolous act, but it’s given a whole new meaning when there’s an official day for it.

Today – Wednesday 19 September – is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which means you shed your landlubber tendencies and get all Jack Sparrow with your colleagues and friends.

The day originally started back in 2002 by two friends who would simply lark about. The day was decided on as it was one of the founder’s ex-wife’s birthday and they couldn’t think of any other important historical memorial day that was occurring on September 19.

Since then it’s become a tradition for many.

Find out how to incorporate pirate swagger into your workday.

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