Dos and Don’ts of Being a Warlord (Mortal and Vampire)

All Despots, Tyrants, Dictators, Absolute Rulers, Totalitarians, Authoritarians, Autocrats, Oppressors, Autarchs, Monocrats, Politicians and Writers of such characters, please note…

Legends of Windemere

Conan the Barbarian

It isn’t easy ruling a kingdom, especially if your people are hard to control like vampires or professional sports fans.  There might be times when you have to rule with violence, but going too far can bring its own problems.  Really makes you think about how thin the line is between brutal warlord and kind monarch.  So, what are some dos and don’ts?

  1. Do create a group of trusted friends that you can count on.  This takes some of the pressure off you.  They can give advice or handle some of the workload, which can prevent you from going full warlord.
  2. Do not use executions to solve every problem.  You may find yourself running out of citizens.  Not saying they shouldn’t be done at all because there are some heinous crimes that require the most brutal of punishments.  This is where those friends can help you figure…

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