Am I really going to have to light Mr Stove in August? #narrowboat #england

How’s the weather where YOU are?

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Ye gods but the seasons have slipped!

Not so many moans ago I was baking royally in the unaccustomed high eighties of Fahrengezundheit. In Continental numbers that’s the high twenties of Celsius I think. Now we’re barely over fifty Fs or about twelve of the Cs. My nose is cool, Mr Cardigan is working well and I am typing this in fingerless gloves…

Bloody England, one extreme to the other with no rhyme or reason.


I do think that Hooman Beans have changed and are still changing the climate, but I think that the climate is also changing itself, even more so. Some sort of cyclic arrangement of the sort that froze the Thames solid all of those times between 1600 and 1800. Humans and the caprice of Father Nature, together we’re a dangerous combination.

Hmm… combinations. Cotton ones.

Among many other jobs I have sorted out the winter…

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14 thoughts on “Am I really going to have to light Mr Stove in August? #narrowboat #england

  1. It’s still mild here, just had the window of my hotel room open for a while (until somebody smoked and the smoke reached the window) – but it is going to change tomorrow, a little bit colder, a little bit of rain – not enough to make up for the draught, though.

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