First Saturday Sci-Fi – July 2018 – with, Lorinda J Taylor…

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Here we are in beautiful down town July already! That makes Christmas just down the street and around the corner! Better start on that list !

 For this month we’re talking with a former catalogue librarian with two graduate degrees, Lorinda J. Taylor.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she has worked in several different academic libraries before returning to the place of her birth, where she now lives.

She has written fantasy and science fiction for years but began to self-publish in 2011.

Her writings combine many aspects of science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, future history, off-world adventure, psychological fiction, and even a love story.

She always strives to engage readers emotionally and give them something to think about at the end of each book.

1.   Tell us about your favorite work, what makes it special?

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Lorinda J Taylor

is participating in

Smashwords’ Summer/Winter Sale

(July 1-31)

All my books are half-price and 4 of them are free:

The Termite Queen (both volumes)

The Labors of Ki’shto’ba Huge-Head, v.1: The War of the Stolen Mother

The Man Who Found Birds among the Stars, Part One: Eagle Ascendant

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