Google Changes Images Policy

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Nicholas C. Rossis

As Shannon Connellan explains on Mashable, Google recently made a subtle change to its image search — but one that may have big repercussions for copyright. The company has now removed the “view image” button from image search, which will make it trickier to save copyrighted images directly. Once a direct link to a high-resolution version of your chosen image, the “view image” button was a concern for photographers, publishers and stock image sites alike, as it allowed people to access a high-res version of the image without visiting the source site.

With Google’s elimination of the tool, you’ll still be able to visit the source of the image with the remaining “visit” button, but it’s this additional step that’s hopefully meant to make people less likely to steal copyrighted material — seeing images in their original context could be a red flag for users.

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11 thoughts on “Google Changes Images Policy

  1. As I remarked on Nicholas’ page, this is a positive for users – makes it less likely to inadvertently trip over copyright. And it helps protect those of us who create images (as well as write…). Actually it’s quite a minefield to figure out whether something is public domain or not because of the way copyright varies internationally. Because it’s transferrable, copyright can also be renewed or held by an institution – again, something not obvious if somebody’s merely looked at the lifespan of the original creator.

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  2. I wasn’t even aware of a View Image button. I’d always just right clicked over the image in a search result in Chrome and chose Save image as, or right clicked and chose Open image in new tab. Both those are still working. Even right click and Copy image is working to paste it into Paint.

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