Healthy Writer Tips: How To Use Dictation For A Healthier Writing Life…

By Joanna Penn

The word ‘writing’ has become associated with hitting keys on a keyboard to make letters appear on a screen or inscribing by hand onto paper.

But the end result is a mode of communication from one brain to another through the medium of words. Those words can be generated by your voice, just as people can ‘read’ by listening to an audiobook.

Famous authors who have written with dictation include diverse creatives John Milton (Paradise Lost), Dan Brown, Henry James, Barbara Cartland and Winston Churchill. When Terry Pratchett, fantasy author of the Discworld series, developed Alzheimer’s Disease, he found he couldn’t write anymore, so he moved to dictation in his final years.

So, why dictate?


3 thoughts on “Healthy Writer Tips: How To Use Dictation For A Healthier Writing Life…

  1. I have been finding that I would need one, I seem to write differently in my head than I do with the keyboard. By the time I get to sit down to write a lot of the ideas, poems, section to my novel have disappeared. Only issue is I can’t walk around work with a voice recorder lol thanks for the share 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve always found it an interesting concept and it was nice to look into it further.

    Best wishes,
    Liam Cross

    Owner of Liam J Cross Writing & Editing

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