Going viral…

Great advice from Sue (and her Grandmother) 😀

The Silent Eye

Image: Pixabay lenalindell20

When I was small and faced with a plate piled with the over-boiled cabbage I detested, my grandmother always told me to eat it first… get rid of it… so I could enjoy the rest of the meal… and to save my favourite bits till last. Like many of the things she told me, I never forgot that advice. She was right too; doing it that way means there is always something left to look forward to… even when life gives you cabbage.

When there is something we really don’t want to do there are, on the whole, two ways of handling it… other than simply getting on with it! We either dive in head first or put it off as long as we can. I prefer to dive in. It isn’t always pleasant but it has its moments and at least the worst is out of…

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5 thoughts on “Going viral…

  1. Thanks Sue, and Chris for sharing. At a time when it was good manners to put a little of each food on your fork I didn’t like the equivalent of ‘mush’ instead I liked each flavour separate. And even over 1/2 a century later I still always eat the least likeable on my plate first so that the yummy taste of my favourite food is left lingering on my palate at the end of the meal.

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