A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

A Tale of Romance

Greetings, my friends. It’s Zoe the Fabulous Feline here. It’s February, the day before Valentine’s Day, and I have for you a romantic tale to warm your cockles. I’m not sure what “cockles” are—I’m a cat, after all—but I’ve heard the word and it tickles my fancy.

Just as an aside, my human, Emily, was looking over my shoulder and read the above. She is good at giving unsolicited advice, and so she promptly advised me that I should not use words I do not understand. She went on to say that the correct expression is “warms the cockles of my/your heart.” She then further explained (much to my chagrin) that cockles are the ventricles of the heart.

Well, not actually the ventricles,” says she. “It is more precise to say that the word cockles is a bastardized version of the Latin name for the heart’s ventricles, formally known as the—”

Enough!” I sat back on my haunches, my paws over my ears. I could not listen another moment. This background information is interesting, I suppose, but she is getting me way off track here. The look on her face told me I’d hurt her feelings, and I felt badly about that, but I had to stop her. I just wanted to tell a short story of love-sweet-love, and here she is, going on and on, giving me the origin of a word I used to like.

Now, let’s move on to my tale of romance. As do all great poets who write of love, requited and otherwise, I tell this tale in rhyme.

The Loner and the Lady

He was just a loner from the day that he could walk,

Doin’ things his own sweet way, never mindin’ all the talk.

He called it independent, while others called it free,

Fact is, the man was lonely, just as lonely as can be.

He hid it in his laughter, but the truth was in his songs.

And the loner, oh so lonely, longed for someone to call his own.

Then one day he met a lady, whose smile lit up the day,

But he was independent, couldn’t let love get in the way.

He scorned her way of living, yet was drawn to her easy smile,

He watched her very closely, keeping his distance all the while.

But she heard lying in his laughter and sighing in his songs,

And the lady, oh so lovely, moved into his private zone.

Hello, how are you, Stranger?” she said with that easy smile.

Her green eyes danced in the darkness, closing the distance all the while.

Some say you’re independent, others say you’re free;

I say that you’re just lonely—lonely just like me.”

So, the loner and the lady joined forces for a while.

He taught her how to stand alone, she taught him that easy smile.

Now truth is in his laughter and love is in his songs,

For the loner and the lady, they ain’t lonely anymore.

I hope you enjoyed my love story. It is my Valentine’s Day gift to all of you, my friends and faithful fans. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go see to Emily. She’s still looking a little forlorn, so I’ve got to think of a Valentine’s Day gift for her.

I’ve got it! I’ll give her that dead mouse I’ve been hoarding. I know she’ll love that, because the last time I left a mouse on her bed, she screamed with joy.

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40 thoughts on “A Tale of Romance – Guest Post by Zoe The Fabulous Feline…

    • Thank you, Miss Robbie. My human has told me about your creative genius. We both love chocolate, but only she gets to have it. Happy baking!

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  1. Zoe, you are such a romantic. I love your poem, and please thank Emily for explaining what a cockle is even if she did make you cover your ears. Happy Valentine’s Day from my furry feline buddies, Raven and Katy.

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