How do you reset the alarm on a Canada goose? #narrowboat #england

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

I overslept. It was damned near 0730hrs when this gaggle of horn-honking ne’er do wells made it their job to wake me up before the whole of the day was wasted.

1P1130041A Oi! You! Feed us or we’ll crap on your solar panels.

Geese can be unbelievably noisy, especially if they are hungry from their overnight fasting and wholly intent on persuading each and every narrowboat to open its hatches and feed them. I neither opened the hatches nor fed them, the smudge on the photograph above is because I took the photo through glass…

Mind you, they were quite right about it being long past time to stir my stumps. This was my reward for flinging off my striped pyjamas and performing a few stretching exercises (and, yes, coughing and scratching at armpits and …things… counts as exercise). I poked my angelic little face up agin a porthole…

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3 thoughts on “How do you reset the alarm on a Canada goose? #narrowboat #england

  1. I notice today from the news that a hunter in Maryland, the U.S.A., has received a serious head injury from a Canada goose that he or one of his group shot – it fell on him! Just goes to show how disagreeable these birds can be when they’re in the mood for a fight! 🙂

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