9 Similarities Between Blogging & Relationships #SundayBlogShare #FemaleBloggerRT #lbloggers


Here are some similarities between blogging and relationships:

  1. In a relationship there will be some special moments leaving you breathless and tingling; a surprise romantic dinner, a love note pinned to the fridge, hand holding in the cinema and a smouldering look across a busy bar. Once you have a blog you will also experience special moments leaving you…breathless and tingling – a surprise spike to your blog views, persuading a successful blogger to consider writing you a guest post and that momentous, spine tingling, occasion when an experienced blogger re-blogs your post.
  2. In a relationship there will be some rocky spells, making you glum and depressed. You won’t feel like going on a date night, cooking their favourite meal or putting any effort into making thought-provoking pillow talk. Instead you will want to be left alone to watch romcom movies, where you will imagine what it would be like to be in a…

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