The End of the Year – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

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Hi all you Story Reading Ape fans. Craig here again with another slice of the author’s life. This time it’s all about ending one year, and beginning a new one.

December poses multiple problems for authors. Holiday shopping and events take center stage and chew into that all important writing time. Different folks handle it in different ways. I’ve seen bloggers take a leave of absence until the new year. Others breathe a sigh of relief that NANO is over, and let their baby manuscripts incubate for a month before taking them up again.

I’m of the “No rest for the Wicked” mindset. December has always been some of my prime writing time. I like the great outdoors, but am old enough that rain, snow, and getting stuck don’t hold as much appeal. Indoors with central heating makes for good writing time.

I also try to treat being an author like a business. (At least in spirit.) I prepare a closing statement for the old year, and a projection statement for the coming year. I don’t have some corporate suit looking over my shoulder, so I don’t make them very formal. In fact, mine are blog posts. They will post on my site the last week of 2017, and the first week of 2018.

It’s time for me to start working on what I want to accomplish in 2018. I’ll rough this out in my word processor and save it. That way I can tweak it for a few weeks before posting it. This usually involves what I want to publish and which promotional avenues I want to test out. I’ve been known to include some reading goals and a few odds and ends.

I don’t really address 2017 until after Christmas. Things could still happen in the next couple of weeks.

Like I said, these are blog posts so you get them warts and all. No fancy letterhead and corporate speak involved. The nice part is the ability to look at posts from previous years. I can draw from them to sum up 2017, and see what changes I want for 2018. I’ve also been known to refer to my projection throughout the year to see what kind of progress I’m making.

Being a writer is fun, blogging holds the same appeal. I won’t turn this into a business with all of the corporate charms, because it loses part of the fun. Still, it’s a good idea to have a loose business plan and my method works for me.

As a writer, and a businessman, you have to be open to change. Someday, maybe there will be some tangible income associated with my writing and I can modify my approach then.

What do you do to close out the writing year? Do you even consider the business aspect of being an author, or are you more fluid?

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42 thoughts on “The End of the Year – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

  1. I like writing a wrap up post at the end of the year–though I haven’t done it yet and the clock is ticking. It’s also the time of year when I start getting all my files and tax receipts in order for the business side of writing. And, of course, there are new projects to look forward too, and the deadlines (panic!) that go with them. For the most part I try to unwind the last few weeks of December, take some of the pressure off, and then tackle everything fresh in the New Year.

    An enjoyable post, Craig!

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