Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ebooks And Self-Publishing…

By Derek Haines  on Just Publishing Advice:

Authors might have heard of Bitcoin, but Blockchain?

Technology never stands still, and as self-publishing uses technology, it will always change and evolve. In the not too distant future, Blockchain technology could be a big game changer for self-publishing.

While Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in the news, they are not even remotely connected to ebooks, books and self-publishing at present.

However, due to the technology that is behind these currencies, there are those who are starting to see how the technology of Blockchain could one day be applied to help authors, self-publishers and even large publishers cut out the middleman, or the retailer in the case of books, and sell books directly to the reader.

At present, the Bitcoin market is very confusing for a beginner, and not at all applicable to selling books. Even the seemingly simple task of understanding what fees are payable on a single Bitcoin transaction is beyond the comprehension of most people.

But Bitcoin today is not where the future lies in publishing. The future is in the technology that runs Bitcoin, which is called Blockchain.

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What is Blockchain?



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