Indie Authors: Stop Giving Away Free Books…

By Angela J. Ford

Dear Indie Authors,

Please stop giving away your books for free.


One of the popular reasons authors give away books for free is to build a readership, and to increase the sale through of other books in their series.

However, there’s one problem with free books. If you want to make money with your books, giving them away for free is an issue because subconsciously you’re teaching your audience that your book is essentially worth nothing.

In the indie author community, there’s a false mindset you have to give your books away for free before people will be willing to purchase them. If the first book in your series is free, someone will pay $0.99, $2.99 and even $5.99 for your full priced books. In truth, I’ve been seeing the opposite effect and heard from indie authors who have had the same experience.

Here are some examples:

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16 thoughts on “Indie Authors: Stop Giving Away Free Books…

  1. I acquire free books and read all of them (eventually). I write reviews of many of them, posting them on my blog and Goodreads. I now review only indie books on my (modest) blog, and many of those books were free downloads.

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  2. I have pretty much quit giving away my books for free, too, because I agree with this post. I was doing it mostly to garner reviews for new books, but it seldom resulted in more than 2 or 3. Now, once one of my series reaches 3 books, I drop the cost of the first book to $.99 permanently, and older books stay between $2.99 and $4.99. So far, it seems to be a better strategy, but I do think you have to reassess regularly. If something isn’t working, try a new plan. Markets and mindsets change all the time, so we’ve got to be flexible, if we want to sell. Just my own thoughts, of course, but I don’t think it hurts to look things over and cut loose any ideas that don’t result in good sales. Great post!

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