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  1. I found this link in the group conversation in Support for Indie Authors. I read all your guidelines and was wondering how I would get all the information to you. I have recently self published a juvenile novel and was wondering if this fitted in your site. In the mean time I will be preparing some material. I didn’t see contact information. Can you send me your contact information by email. Thank you Look forward to hearing from you.

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  2. Hi there! I’m going to have to give the 1st of July spot back to you. My schedule for the blog hop got banjaxed. But thank you so much for being awesome and offering me a place.

    Have a great week,

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  3. Hi Chris. I contacted you a while back but i wanted to wait until now to follow through. I’m Sherry Bell or Sherry Carroll when I write or @thesherryfairy and I would love to work with you as a guest or interview on your blog. And i would appreciate it so much if you. or someone you could recommend would accept a copy of my memoir to review. A few years ago I finished my first book a memoir called Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales now available on Amazon in kindle and paperback. It’s about my life growing up in rock and roll and my 20 plus year on and off again affair with Eric Burdon the charismatic living legend and Front man from the seminal British invasion band The Animals. Fortunately for me right about the time I finished it at 72 years old Eric had one of the biggest comebacks in rock history and since then has been one of the hottest acts in rock and roll which resulted in my achieving some fame but UN fortunately very little fortune LOL. I have now begun to public an epic serialized fictional novel based on all my years backstage in rock and roll the first book Saving Amazing Gracelynn to be published in kindle and paperback this week and a subsequent book in the series to be published every month after for as many years as feel like doing it each covering one year in her life! They are VERY exciting Our Gracelynn is quite a girl! loll this website is my personal/professional one one with various rock and roll true stories and book news, and my first book is at featured at .With one book existing book with a potential worldwide fan base of epics millions of fans to try to tap into and promote book one and book two of The Amazing Gracelynn Series both coming out in the next four weeks I really am going all out on the publicity right now as a gal with fame and no fortune can go! Loll Thanks, Sherry.

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  4. I have two volumes of short stories based on one person that is family friendly (Jane World, was a short story blog but taken down because of publication), but my first novel (dark SF, Transient State) would be considered 18+ on controversial topic alone (that I can’t reveal here because of spoilers, but if you want me to email I can), without any of the above problems (just released before Christmas 2014). How would you like me to pursue that: Lightly mention my novel and go on to explain current project to be released or find a way to not mention it at all?


    M.D.R. Gregg

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  5. Question… I’m working on a series that I would voluntarily flag as PG13, but I know what is shown on TV these days. My work isn’t any more violent than most crime shows during prime time. Would you consider this in the not family friendly range? No swearing, just violent.

    I’m rather new to the marketing bit, so am still learning my way around, having to ask the “wet-behind-the-ears” type questions.

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  6. Questions. I have to first do a guest blog (which has to include why, what and how I wrote my book, right?). After you approve of it and post it on your blog, I have to send another email with book details (genre, synopsis etc). Please confirm if I got the sequence right,

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  7. Hi, Chris. I’m getting ready to release my first novel within the next week and would greatly appreciate it if you would host a promo post for me. It will be ready-to-go HTML thanks to my author friend Jo Robinson, who explained how to do this. Here’s a link to the book trailer that I’ve uploaded to Youtube this week. I look foward to hearing from you. I am new at Book Launches and am a DIY-er. I will also send you this message via email. Thanks for all you do to help Indies!

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  8. Hi Chris,
    Not only are you a generous person, but the way you’ve laid out the submission guidelines will help authors go about promoting themselves the correct way. Glad to see your blog is “Family Friendly” as well. And I also ask myself would I like God to read this book and know it was Me who wrote it.”

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  9. I was pointed in this direction by Harry Dodgson after I had been impressed with one of his blogs on your site.I have Harry’s OK to use his piece in our next <a href="

    you will catch last issue if you’re quick.
    So as a thank you for organising this excellent site I am very happy to feature all the relevant web links for the Reading ape and Harry D.for our aspiring and accomplished writer members.
    Well done and thank you
    Terry Gilbert-Fellows

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