The Quest for Illustrators, Cartoonists, and Other Creative Professionals…

By Kat Vancil  on The Book Designer site:

Image from Bigstock

Greetings, fellow indie publishing adventurer! Fancy meeting you here in the creative services market. So you would like to hire some creative people to join your expedition into the publishing wilderness? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as you can find many fine additions to your team right here. But maybe you don’t know who to hire and for what. Well, not to worry, friend! I’ll help set you on the right path to ensure you avoid that nasty quicksand of buyer’s remorse.

First of all, dear adventurer, here are. . .

Five things you need before you embark on your quest for a creative professional

  1. Make sure your book, novel, or manual is 100 percent finished before you seek creatives to help enhance it. There’s nothing worse than commissioning a fantastic piece of art, only to realize it no longer fits your project.

  2. Know what type of creative services you need. There’s no point in finding a fantastic cartoonist if what you really need is a cartographer.

  3. Collect examples of the styles or types of work you’re looking for so you can compare potential creative professionals and help narrow your search. Pinterest boards are great for this, and you can even share the boards with your artist(s) after you select them.

  4. Know what type of format you need and what the requirements for the job will be.Don’t expect your creative professional to know the exact specs that would work best for your project. Do your research to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and headaches.

  5. Know your budget for the project. It’s a waste of your time and resources to consider a top creative professional if your budget would never allow you to actually hire that person.

Now that you have completed your manuscript, collected samples, and know what you need and can afford, here are. . .

Places to seek out Creative Professionals




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