Organizing Your Blogging Ideas

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Author Don Massenzio

Balancing my work/writing/blogging schedule is a delicate process. I thought it might be useful for some of you to give you some insight into how I organize my blogging topics and try to plan and schedule ahead of time.

Here are some of the steps I use to organize my blog each day and try to post in an uninterrupted fashion.


  • Lay out a consistent schedule for each week – I try to have consistent blogging topics associated with each day of the week. I have adjusted this over time, but here is my current daily category list:
    • Monday – Author interview – currently running my Perfect 10 series.
    • Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday – Author tip/ writing topic
    • Friday  – Humor – currently running a ‘National Days’ series
    • Saturday – Short Story
    • Sunday – Indie Publishing News recap for the week

I’m thinking about shaking up the Tuesday-Thursday categories as three…

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