Listed Libraries of the North

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Heritage Calling

Libraries have played in an integral part in English literary history.

Notable authors and academics have used them as their place of work and research, and they frequently form the hub of the local community. Often housed in grand public buildings, libraries face considerable pressures as heritage buildings.

There are 363 English public libraries on The List, recognised for their architectural and historic importance. We recently listed 6 public libraries in the North of England at Grade II.

Here we take a look at what makes these buildings nationally important:

Beverley Library, East Riding of Yorkshire

Beverley Library © Alastair Coey Architects Beverley Library © Alastair Coey Architects

This Edwardian public library was funded by a private endowment from successful industrialist and art enthusiast John Champneys. It was built in stages- the core block in 1906 was designed by John Cash in Jacobean-revival style. His son Herbert Cash added a gallery extension and reference library…

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