Even Snowflakes Follow the Rules

Kobo Writing Life

Snowflakes and Heroes

by Lars Emmerich

Fifteen years ago, during my first career as an F-16 pilot, I worked with a guy who had one of the worst jobs in the world. He was in charge of an extremely limited resource, and his desk was constantly surrounded by swarms of angry people who wanted, needed­­, deserved exclusive access to that scarce commodity. The poor man’s life was nothing but one surly, entitled, unsatisfied customer after another.

Taped to his desk was a sign that I will never forget:

“You are a unique and beautiful snowflake . . .

Just like everyone else.”

As authors, we all really want to be unique and beautiful snowflakes. We want our work to stand out from the trillions of titles published every minute. We want our narrative voice to pop, our characters to “leap from the page,” our story to be full of delightful…

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