3 Free Online Video Maker Tools: How to Easily Enter the Video Age…

by Janice Wald  on Mostly Blogging:

I have officially entered the Video Age: I have discovered 3 user-friendly free online video maker tools.

Do you find entering the Video Age intimidating? Distressing, even?

Many do.

Content creators know that video is all the rage.

YouTube came along with recorded video,

Periscope enabled you to make videos on your phone.

Also, the popularity of Facebook Live is proving people want to get their information by watching videos.

For some of you, that’s a relief.

For others of you, that’s understandably terrifying.

Live Video Streaming sites such as Facebook Live have the added terror of being a “one-shot only” deal. I mean, it’s live. You get it right the first time or forget it. Start over. Time wasted.

Even if the live video comes out fine the first time, you are faced with issues you don’t have to think about with written blog posts.

For example, what will you wear in the video? Will you go for a casual look or wear formal, more professional attire?

What will you discuss? Suppose you get tongue-tied due to stage fright?

The traditional blog post writer may have to contend with Writer’s Block every now and again, but I haven’t heard too many concerns about stage fright.

Happily, these 3 free online video maker tools solve all these problems and still enable you to ride the wave of popularity that is video production.

This post will show you how to make videos using Lumen 5, Animoto, and Instagram.

Are you ready?

Consider this quote from about the need for a variety of media on your site:

Blogging is primarily about the written word, but this does not mean that you cannot include images, videos, slideshows, and graphs. I actually encourage this. After all, everyone responds differently, and providing a mixed media experience will capture more attention. Source: Home Jobs by Mom

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3 Free Online Video Making Tools


7 thoughts on “3 Free Online Video Maker Tools: How to Easily Enter the Video Age…

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers. Using video can be daunting. However, these tools are easy and even fun to use. I am off to share on my social media. Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person


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