Media Attention: 9 Ways Any Author Can Get It…

by Chris Well  on BookWorks site:

In today’s publishing landscape, it’s tougher than ever for authors to be discovered. There are so many books competing for those potential readers. That’s why free media attention can boost your visibility.

Once you’ve set up your author website and updated your social media profiles, one of the most effective ways to rise above the noise is to convince an influencer in the media to put you in front of their audience. That puts your name—and your book—in front of far more potential readers than you can possibly reach yourself.

When you appear in the media, you can leverage their platform to build yourplatform.

Too many authors assume they have no chance of getting attention from media outlets. Speaking as a 30+ year media professional, I can tell you from experience that whether an author represents herself or himself is not a problem. An author with the right mindset can pitch to the media and be taken seriously.

It’s true that a smart publicist can help you navigate that process more easily. But many authors simply can’t afford to hire a publicist. For others, the prospect of finding the right publicist (not just anyone will do) is too overwhelming.

However, not having a publicist doesn’t disqualify you from media coverage. You are as eligible as any author. This is true no matter what you write about, and no matter your publication status.

Find out more at:

9 reasons ANY author can get media attention

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