Author Pen Names: 5 Reasons they’re a Bad Idea in the Digital Age…

by Anne R. Allen

Should you use different pen names if you write in different genres?

Do you need to write under a pseudonym because people at work might find out you write steamy romances?

Is it easier to write freely if you hide your real identity behind a fake name?

Should you use a different pen name for each genre you write in?

Not anymore.

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12 thoughts on “Author Pen Names: 5 Reasons they’re a Bad Idea in the Digital Age…

  1. It is very difficult to promote authors with pen names as they tend not to put up a photograph in case someone recognises them, their profile is generic when you would think that being creative writers they would get creative. I once met a pensioner in her 70s whose name was Maud who wrote raunchy (very raunchy) erotica. She used an alias but could not do any radio or media interviews because she looked nothing like her avatar ( I mean nothing like her avatar). I think it over complicates things and one day you will be found out.. just my opinion.

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  2. I recently came across a racey collection of poems written by a person using the name of Trigger D. He fails to give his/her surname (just an initial)so I’m inclined to think that it is in fact a pen name. He/she will go far I think … or maybe not as the case may be.

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