An Insider’s View of the Publishing Business…

by Erica Verrillo  on Publishing… and Other Forms of Insanity:

A while ago, I ran across an article in New York Magazine by Daniel Menaker, a senior literary editor at Random House. The title caught my eye: What Does the Book Business Look Like on the Inside?
This is a question every aspiring author wants answered, especially if they are trying to make a choice between traditional and self-publishing.

But as I read the article, I realized that it clarified my own experience with Random House, and it bolstered my decision to abandon the traditional publishing route with my subsequent books.

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  1. Interesting article which pretty much sums up the way the big-scale end of publishing works, certainly as far as I could see on my own experience of it. I was published variously by Random House and Penguin’s NZ operation over many years, totalling about 30-odd titles.

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  2. A fantastic article even though a depressing read. It seems a massive waste of talent both inside and ‘outside’ the publishing industry. It seems to jolt through in knee jerk reactions – despite spending millions of hours and probably dollars on strategy and planning -and on the squeaky wheel (or perhaps the squeaky big wheel?) getting the oil. I don’t know if there are solutions but one could certainly spend years analysing the problems

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