Reading Is My Superpower!

Have YOU got (or need someone with) THE READING SUPERPOWER?
Let Susan know in the comments under her original blog post 😎

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Since I’ve been back in Canada, spending the summer months at my trailer, now aptly named, “Another Page” …
I’ve been borrowing print books like mad from the Bruce County Public Library, specifically at the Kincardine and Lucknow Branches, which happen to be almost equidistant in driving time from the trailer park.

And … WOW!! What a summer it’s been, catching up on books that were not available as eBooks or that I otherwise might have had to wait a long time to borrow as eBooks. I’ve also caught up on watching movies too as the system has a terrific selection of DVDs in their collection. It’s been a busy summer, driving back and forth, picking up holds and taking back materials I’ve read/watched. I’ve been into both branches so often and borrowed so much that the librarians all seem to know me by name now (and one told…

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3 thoughts on “Reading Is My Superpower!

  1. What say you of my first attempt at making that meme, Mr. Ape? Was it worth all the agony, blood, sweat, and tears I went through to produce it? (I almost wrote to ask for your assistance, but then thought, “How difficult can it be?” Difficult, it turns out … but it made me appreciate the memes you created for me previously all the more!)

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