Don’t Let Your Age Be a Reason to Not Write…

by Enette Venter  on Live Write Thrive Site:

If you are a teenager and you are writing, then chances are someone is going to tell you stop. Might be a parent who wants you to follow a better career plan or a friend who thinks you’re just not cut out for it.

Everyone will try to have a say about you and your life the minute you decide to write a book.

“Writing doesn’t really pay,” they’ll tell you.

“Perhaps writing can be your hobby when you’re older.”

“Just don’t let your writing distract you from your schoolwork.”

If anyone ever comes to you with one of these phrases, then feel free to make them a character in your book and off them (the character not the person)

Writing doesn’t have an age limit. All you need to be “a writer” is the ability to write.

So your first mission as a teen writer who is being attacked by these or similar phrases is to get writing. As long as you’re writing, your writing career is on the right track.

In the mean time, let me help you by sharing with you how to keep writing when people are sticking their noses in your business and keeping you from reaching your goals.

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