What name should you publish under?

In case you’re thinking along these lines 😃

Jean's Writing

If you are planning on self-publishing a name is important.

One of the first things I did was to set up a publishing name. Second Act Press. This has a personal meaning to only me and gives my books a bit of publishing weight.

With a purchased ISBNyou can publish under your name or a DBA (Doing Business As) name. However, if you use one of the free ISBN offered through Createspace or another company, their name will appear as publisher.

Have you considered a publishing name?

Or have you not thought about one?

If you are writing a book, start thinking. It’s a big decision.

Want more tips? Keep reading.

What to name your publishing company by Rob Bignell

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11 thoughts on “What name should you publish under?

  1. I chose this name because I felt uncomfortable using my given name, is somewhat ethnic, but more importantly I wanted to separate my private life from my writing life.
    In addition, I didn’t want friends and family hounding me for free copies of my endeavors.
    I then picked another for any endeavors I wanted to do for another genre of romance,
    In both cases, I needed to feel comfortable using the names I’ve chosen, which I do.

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