7 Tips to Earning Redemption: Success Not 100% Guaranteed

Legends of Windemere

C.S. Lewis Quote (Maybe. This is the Internet after all.)

So, you’ve done a lot of bad things, but now you have a chance at getting redemption. It’s something that a lot of villains don’t get. To make sure you don’t ruin this once in a lifetime opportunity, here is some advice:

  1. Avoid laughing maniacally and doing your grand villain speeches. They made sense when you were trying to instill fear in your enemies. Now, it’s kind of creepy and makes people think you’re faking this whole hero thing. Wait at least a year into your new life before doing this in a mocking way. If that’s too long then try to cover both with a coughing fit.
  2. You can only apologize and request a ‘do over’ so many times before people think you’re not taking this hero thing seriously. While it may be easier to work off instinct and…

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