When Stories Run Alongside Each Other

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Legends of Windemere

The last two Legends of Windemere volumes will be stories that are running alongside each other.  While Trinity and her team are searching for the crests, the champions will be recovering from their previous adventure and heading out to their final battle.  The timelines are parallel and that’s not an easy thing to make clear, especially since they aren’t in the same book.  So, what are some ways to work with two stories that are happening at the same time and in different locations?

  1. If neither story is big enough to fill a full book then you can switch between them.  I did this with Tribe of the Snow Tiger.  Now, you can have the main one and a secondary that you return to every few chapters.  This is similar to working a single story where the heroes have split up.  You need to use a few cliffhangers and…

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