Wordpress, Free or Self-hosted?

Call over to Craig’s place and join in the discussion – the comments already there are worth reading as well 👍😃

Story Empire

Hi, Story Empire fans. Craig here to kick off this point/counter-point post. This is something new for us, and we hope to have more posts like this. Some of that depends upon the success of this post. We invite all of you to join our discussion in the comments area. Maybe you can add something to this discussion.

I think WordPress is the best blogging system out there. They are bigger, simpler, and have more interaction going than competing systems. There is one question that bloggers have to answer when they get started: Free or Self-Hosted?

I’m on the side of free. My own blog, Entertaining Stories, is a free WordPress blog. WordPress provides me with multiple theme options, and those are highly customizable. They also provide widgets that allow me to add things like a slideshow of my covers, linked covers that go to the Amazon store, and…

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3 thoughts on “Wordpress, Free or Self-hosted?

  1. Hi Chris- thank you for the timely post. Knowing nothing I originally signed up to be self-hosted (as recommended on You Tube) but think for what I need as a writer I got the short end of the stick. I cannot reblog (only share on social media) nor can I have the option to have my posts reblogged. Further friends tell me they are not always notified of new posts.. which begs the question how many more people are not notified (and I need all the notifications I can get). I really want to move into the word press community from self hosting but don’t want to lose my own domain. Off to read this post now and hopefully it will help me get my finger out and move on to what I want and need.

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