An Open Letter from Author, Nicholas Rinth…

Dear All,

This is my second guest post on the site—or perhaps open letter is more accurate. It’s great to “speak” with you all again. As for those that missed my initial post some months ago around the time of my debut novel’s release, allow me to introduce myself to you. First off, please don’t be wary. I like to think I’m a decent person. And though I’m sure you’ve been told more than a few times to never talk to strangers, this is the internet. Where comments from the unfamiliar are routine and pseudonyms are no more worth noting than an errant twist of string on the carpet.

Without further ado, I go by the name, Nicholas Rinth, though I do love monikers and have plenty of them. Ranging all the way from Mallow to Blob and even obscure things like Nyang, so if you’d like to give me one, then that’s perfectly alright. I like to think of them as signs of affection.

Like my last open letter to all of you, I struggled with what to write about. But I thought it best to just keep on with the theme and tell you guys more about me and what I’ve been up to since my last correspondence. (Mostly because I’m not really good at “regular” blog posts—if that’s even a thing. My blog is dedicated to my writing, so I don’t really have much experience when it comes to articles.)

I hope you guys don’t mind.

Well, even if you do, I’ll keep talking anyway. That’s one of the glories of a letter I suppose. I can keep on, entirely unknowing if anyone’s still reading my nonsense or not. I prefer it over phone calls. But then again, I prefer everything over phone calls. I pause a lot when I speak… for dramatics I like to say, though if I’m completely honest it’s usually just because my memory fails me often and I need to buy time to think. Calls don’t leave much leeway for silence.

Anywho, I just recently got my Associate’s Degree, and will be going for my Bachelor’s next. I’m a Nursing major, and university starts again in a week or so. I’m… excited, yet nervous for my first round of nursing classes. For summer, I decided to binge watch as many medieval shows as possible and try to lessen my menacing tower of unread books sitting in heaps on my bedroom floor. I’m happy to say that I got through a total of sixteen books this July… though I bought another fourteen to even it out. Yay for counter productivity! (Book sales break me.)

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Noel Gallagher and Conor Oberst for the past few months, and have thankfully made some time to write. Though I have yet to truly finish the next book in my epic fantasy series, the first draft is done. But I want to make sure I have the first draft of the third book written out before I begin polishing the second… it’s getting there. I don’t have much at the moment, but what I do have is a start. I was, however, able to finish a poetry and prose book which I hope to have out soon. I haven’t yet settled on a date, despite everything being ready to go already. Even I’m not sure why.

But that’s enough about that. Hmm… what else is there to say…

I’ve gone on an aggressive diet lately trying to shed these last five pounds of fat. Is that too much information? I’m not sure how personal I should be getting with these. My life isn’t particularly interesting. Aside from school, work, and various social obligations, I don’t do much. (Personally, I blame my ultra-thin wallet. Colleges sure have a way of sucking their students dry.)

I think that’s it on the me front.

Now, as for my closing, allow me to ask, “How are you?”

I would love to hear from you all again.

Warmest Regards,


(P.S. For those curious, Nyang came from my brother. We’re only one year apart. He couldn’t pronounce my real name as a toddler, and that’s what came out of his mouth when he tried saying it…. he still calls me that.)

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16 thoughts on “An Open Letter from Author, Nicholas Rinth…

  1. Nice to meet you nic.

    Funny, my shortened form of my name came from my brother struggling to say my name too. He’s almost five years older than me, but he was always a bit slower with speach, and would call me “Toria” or “Tors” – despite my parents’ best efforts to get him to say my whole name. The “Tors” stuck with him, and he calls me that to this day, and eventually the “a” in “Toria” got dropped, and a lot of the family and friends started calling me “Tori” instead. I’m mostly only called “Victoria” among family and friends when I’m in trouble now, though I use it on my books because I promised my Mother I would.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a wonderful story, haha! I love hearing nickname origins as I have so many. It’s amazing what mispronunciation can do. “Nyang” tends to stay within the family and is what both my brother’s call me since I’ve been told that others find the way it rolls off their tongue strange. Others usually just call me a shortened version of my name, since it’s more up their alley.

      Thank you for reading.


      P.S. Victoria is a lovely name.

      Liked by 1 person


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