Meet Guest Author Nicholas Rinth…


How are you?

I spent the better half of the afternoon trying to figure out how to better introduce myself to everyone. What to say, what others may find interesting about me, what to ask first—should I even be asking something?—and I’ve found the perfect way to begin. The tried and tested way of course. A greeting to start things off, followed by that obvious cliché that’s thrown around so often nowadays that it’s simply good manners to ask about their well-being in return.

So… how am I?

First, thank you for not-exactly asking and for going along with my musings. 🙂

I’m well, albeit tired from university classes, work, and figuring out ways to make time for me and my writing. The latter is arguably the biggest part of what makes me—me. I started writing back in high school (I wasn’t any good of course and I don’t know why I started, I just did) and after constant practice from writing awful fiction, I’ve finally made it to where I am today. Publishing my first novel.

No one is good in the beginning and that’s especially true for me. Just reading my works from back then makes me cringe back and shake my head, but I can’t bear to throw them away. They were the right words to the past me, even if they aren’t now. It’s like a memento that I can use as comparison when I want to see how much I’ve grown.

I dabble in poetry when the mood strikes. I also write letters to people and sometimes even to emotions that have gripped my mind for that particular day. It happens quite often, so I always have a backlog of random scrawls on my desk that I post bits and pieces of on my blog and Instagram. Well, that’s when it’s not being dominated by posts of bunnies and paper cranes. I’ve made three thousand two hundred and four paper cranes so far, but I’ve yet to have my wish granted.

Perhaps at ten thousand? Oh, I hope so.

I’m a huge Bioware geek and take pride in my knowledge of Dragon Age lore. There’s nothing quite like the world they’ve built. Like there’s no one like Noel Gallagher. Oh, how I adore his tunes. Let me stop here… before I go full out fanboy on all of you.

Oh, I could go on for days about the little ticks I have, me peeves, what I like and dislike, the color of my shoes, but I doubt that’s what you wanted to hear from a simple, “How are you?” Even now, I’m pushing the boundaries of acceptable responses to that question.

So, let me end this off with:

Thank you for your concern, for listening, and for allowing me to unabashedly talk about myself to all of you. I do hope you write back.

Awaiting your response,


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