If You Don’t Care About Grammar, You Don’t Care About Writing…

By Lisa Brown  on Just Publishing Advice site:

There are many articles and blog posts out there with grammar mistakes. Some of those mistakes are not as bad as others, but are unnecessary and attentive writers can easily avoid them. A writer who does not spend time correcting grammar mistakes does not care about the quality of the content and therefore, does not care about writing. If you speak to any passionate author or writer, you can be assured that there is a process that takes place after the first draft is written.

With all the tools available to us these days, you can find help for just about any part of your writing. You can find grammar checkers and even an article summary generator. There is no excuse for poor grammar anymore, even if you are not writing in your native language, although I do recommend you write in your mother language.

Why grammar is important


14 thoughts on “If You Don’t Care About Grammar, You Don’t Care About Writing…

  1. Writing should be – well – celebrated with care. And love. And passion. And also with respect for the readers. So the author should always be keen on using the proper grammar…
    If there are some grammar mistakes in my comment I apologise, English is not my motherlanguage. 😉

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