A Growing Culture: Helping small-scale farmers create sustainable, self-driving futures

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The Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS) is a community-led resource for sharing, building off of, and safeguarding farmer innovations from around the world.

A Growing Culture, the non-profit organisation responsible for setting up the LFS, believes sustainability lies in returning small-scale farmers back to the forefront of agriculture.

The non-profit organisation is aware of the importance of indigenous knowledge, wisdom that has been passed down through generations, indigenous people, and their ability to save the world from many of the food security issues it now faces.

A Growing Culture is calling upon that wisdom, putting indigenous people at the forefront and providing them a platform in which they can vocalise to the world what needs to be done and should be done to transform the food system.

Indigenous people adapt and do so very easily. Smallholder farmers are forced to work in conditions of constant environmental, economic, and social change, and still…

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2 thoughts on “A Growing Culture: Helping small-scale farmers create sustainable, self-driving futures

  1. Great read. It doesn’t matter how many Iphones or other electronics we have if we do not have food to eat. I seen an advertisement for GPS guided tractors, and I thought of how we use to do it when I was a kid many years ago. On my grandfather’s farm back in his day they did it with teams of draft horses. In Germany I was stunned to see barns with cattle in the middle of the town, the farmers home above the barn. All the homes in towns and villages were clustered close together and the land around the towns was used for farming. They did not sprawl and hugs single family homes like we in the States do. Hugs

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