CreateSpace and Lulu Print-on-Demand: An Impromptu Comparison.

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

While updating the Write Like an Egyptian Autograph Bookfor a full-color edition to publish at Lulu, I came across some interesting background on King Tut’s name(s). Click on the image to read the article:The lesson for writers is that no matter how short and sweet your project may be, you can’t get away from the research!  🙂

Since beginning to design autograph books last winter as an occupational therapy project, I’ve produced 20 of them! (Nineteen are now published.) I started out publishing them through CreateSpace, which will print that trim size only in black-and-white, so when I discovered that I could have them printed in color at Lulu, I’ve been revising them and publishing them there. Their being printed in color results in higher production costs and retail price, but I think the beauty of color is worth it. The trim size at Lulu is…

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4 thoughts on “CreateSpace and Lulu Print-on-Demand: An Impromptu Comparison.

      • OK and naturally will contact createspace via my acct with them. About $10.50 to make book plus $4 amazon tack on makes costs of my cartoon book just over $15 for me to get 87 cents royalty. Nobody will pay that of course. A printer in US will set up and ISBM and manufacture for say just $6 a book, but then it’s not POD, I have to buy 100 minimum and learn to market and ship on my own. Maybe even get book manufacture in China $2 a book but then don’t have createspace and amazon doing the rest for me. I am planning a 600 cartoon book from my archives. I learned a lot from my first 100 cartoon book esp in appearance of art. I will redo and resize 600 cartoons, will take over a year and take another shot.

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