When was the last time you backed up your website?

We ALL need these reminders – Thanks Jean 😀
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We all back up our computers, either to the “cloud” or to an external hard drive. But what about your blog?

Have you thought about backing up your blog?

What would happen if your blog content vanished? Years of hard work gone in the blink of an eye. How could that happen? WordPress has been around for eons! Ever heard of MySpace? Haven’t? There is a reason.

What would I do should WordPress suddenly vanish into web space?

Cry, eat Bluebell Ice cream and drink Margaritas. Not in any particular order. Then I’d sit down and begin to vent. I mean, write.

Of course, the best thing would be to avoid such a catastrophe.

Here is today’s no excuse, public service announcement, brought to you by Suzanne Bowditch.

Click and read Suzanne’s terrific step-by-step instructions on how to backup your website. Don’t lose that amazing website you’ve slaved over for months.

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3 thoughts on “When was the last time you backed up your website?

  1. Excellent article! Thanks for reblogging it, Chris. I’m glad to be receiving your email notifications again. For about a month I got no notices from any of the WP blogs I follow. I had no idea why. Contacted my email server and security service. Neither had done anything to block the missing emails. Finally, I pestered my computer geek son. He advised me to check with WordPress. Should have thought of that myself! After poking around on WP support, I discovered a button on my notifications page that had been clicked, blocking all WP blogs I was following. Strange since I’d never even gone to that page before. I wonder if a goblin is messing around on my blog.

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