To my (still relevant)


post in October 2014!

Because you never know what the day may bring

So Stay Safe – Not Sorry




Backup cartoon



(For WordPress Users)




EXPORT (again)


set it to ALL CONTENT then press


CHECK to ENSURE the downloaded file has a size value LESS THAN 15 MB

IF the file reads ZERO – then delete it and do the following

GO BACK to Admin – Tools – Export – Export

Select POSTS

Select START and FINISH dates (say from January to December of the first year)



CHECK to ENSURE the downloaded file has a size value LESS THAN 15 MB

If it DOES.

Make a folder for the POSTS

labelled with the period the file covered and transfer the file into it.

THEN – go back and download the following period.

CHECK – ENSURE less than 15 MB

Make new folder for POSTS labelled for the period covered

Transfer the downloaded file into it.


until ALL your POSTS are downloaded and safely in labelled folders!


Go back and do the same for your PAGES

Then do your FEEDBACK

Place them in separate folders,

duly labelled PAGES and FEEDBACK,

plus the periods covered

Once this is done, you no longer need to back-up your OLD posts

for the previous years

ONLY the current period you are in

As an example

my POSTS folders cover:

April to December 2013 file is 9.2 MB

Jan to May 2014 file is 12.2 MB

Jun to Aug 2014 is 11.2 MB

Sep to Nov 2014 is 14.5 MB

Dec 2014 to Jan 2014 is 14.8 MB

Feb 2015 to ? is currently 3.6 MB***

*** is the only POSTS file I need to back-up daily until it is almost at 15MB

After which I’ll make a new folder for the next period

My PAGES (2.9 MB) and FEEDBACK (39 KB) folders

currently cover April 2013 to Feb 2015

So until their size values almost reach 15 MB,

I’ll continue to back up FEEDBACK

for the whole period each day

BUT ONLY when I change or add to PAGES 

will I need to do any further back-ups

If you require any further clarifications,

please let me know and I’ll TRY to answer or advise you

Please DO NOT hesitate to ask

It’s better being SAFE than SORRY




  1. So I really do not understand this and I have been building computers – and backing them up – for 20 years. You end up with an xml file – which, as far as I can tell, does not contain images, the actual posts., what have you.

    Please explain how this is a back up. 🙂

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  2. I’ve done as instructed. I get a 5.4MB XML file. The content looks terrifying. I think all the titles and the photos are (apparently jumbled) in the front section. There is some recognisable text every now and again and the end of the document is my last post plus comments, but all askimet’s moves are included. Have I done anything wrong or is this the clearest back-up I can achieve?

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    • Empty the spam folder and try again Hilary, to see if that makes a difference – the main thing is that you now have a back-up 🙂
      Don’t forget to do a back-up at the end of each day when you’ve made changes or new posts and replace the existing file with the new one 😀


      • There wasn’t much in the spam queue, and I couldn’t see any of it in the back-up, its just this kind of stuff: email_notification_notqueued 1424034696 akismet_result false akismet_history a:4:{s:4:”time”;d:1424034696.0493450164794921875;s:7:”message”;s:28:”Akismet cleared this… etc. But you are right, so long as I have a back up of some kind, it can actually be reinstated on a new WordPress site. Back-up every day??

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  3. I am a fanatical back-up person. I cannot recommend getting into the habit of backing up, enough. Each new blog post is saved to my computer as a pdf, just in case… and I do, what you suggest, periodically. That feature isn’t just for leaving and going to a different blog.

    Great post, Chris!

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  4. Thank you so much for explaining this. I hadn’t yet discovered this feature on WP, but found your post through Colleen’s blog today. I’m all backed up, I think…. I didn’t see where it gave the file size, and will check behind myself after reading through your comments. Best wishes, WG

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  5. Amen to that, Chris. After my disaster last March, when stuff I thought was backed up wasn’t and got deleted (the MS for an entire book, thank goodness I had a less edited one) I now have OCD in backing up. I back up to two different locations and sometimes email myself as well – up to four times a day. Better safe than sorry, I say. 😉

    Loretta Livingstone Author: Beautiful and other short stories:http://geni.us/aXj Where Angels Tread:http://geni.us/3M6E Four Christmases: http://geni.us/2i2X Rhythms of Life Hopes, Dreams & Medals Jumping in the Puddles of Life Fire and Ice http://www.treasurechestbooks.co.uk/ http://amazon.com/author/lorettalivingstone


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  6. Uuuuh, my english is too bad, to understand.
    Hm… Is it not enough to make a general backup?
    I make a weekly backup of my entire PC content to an external hard disk. Then that’s not enough for my blog?

    Thank you 🙂

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  7. Many thanks for the detailed info on backing up my blog–this is really helpful as I have copies of everything but never thought of backing up my WordPress. Guess this is my Sunday project. . . 🙂

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  8. Good advice and detailed directions, Chris. I also follow a broader regime every six months, I use my ftp client to download the entire server directory structure and all files onto my hard drive from my site server. If I have to migrate, it’s an easier job!

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    • Thanks Sally – I only discovered this issue after setting up a test blog to experiment with and discovered that even though I’d backed up my blog daily – the backup WASN’T THERE (ZERO) – so a few quick words with WP and a little digging helped me discover my error and rectify it 😀

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    • Thanks Jo – I only discovered this issue after setting up a test blog to experiment with and discovered that even though I’d backed up my blog daily – the backup WASN’T THERE (ZERO) – so a few quick words with WP and a little digging helped me discover my error and rectify it 😀



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