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Traci LawrenceI think that I was led to write for two reasons: I wanted to get my story out; and, I wanted to provide a platform of empathy for people who have overcome tremendous odds in their lives. However, my main emphasis was on providing a short, generally inspirational book that didn’t require any of the following: a specialized degree or certificate; a dictionary; or, a lengthy refurbishing of the reader’s entire lifestyle. I merely wanted the reader to “take away” some uplifting thoughts that might make him say “Okay! This lady understands me; she’s talking to me!”, or “I can overcome any obstacles, too!”

I am self-published. First, I created my manuscript. Next, I sent my manuscript to professional formatters to be formatted for print and Kindle files. Last, I uploaded my Kindle-ready file (mobi) to Amazon (There’s an “independently publish with us” link at the bottom of the home page. That’s where you start.) ; I also uploaded my print-ready file (pdf) to CreateSpace.com. The print file goes directly to Amazon; both versions of my book show up on Amazon.

Along with writing, music and history have always been passions of mine. (In my book, I reference prominent figures in history and music.) I have played the piano since I was a child, although I haven’t taken any lessons for years. I have volunteered as a pianist at my church for about a decade. As for history: I can’t get enough of it! I often fantasized being a time traveler during my school years. I have always enjoyed learning anything related to the history of any country. I have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Humanities with an English emphasis.

My book is about overcoming the odds, as the subtitle states. The challenges and victories described in my book include the following: bullying; medical and mental concerns; and, communication setbacks. I use examples from my own life, as well as the lives of prominent people, to illustrate my main points. The thesis of the book is the assertion that all people are acceptable (and worthy) as they are; at the same time, all people are capable of overcoming tremendous obstacles that they feel are holding them back.


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13 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Traci Lawrence

  1. Great to read about Traci Lawrence here, Chris! Doris-Maria Heilmann just introduced us the other day so glad to follow her on all of the social media outlets! Also added her to books and authors on Pinterest. Thanks! 🙂

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