Missing Someone – All the Time – by Zoe, The Fabulous Feline…

I am Zoe, the Fabulous Feline, author extraordinaire. I write stories about my adventures in life. I write about Emily sometimes, too; if you know me, you know Emily is the human I adopted some time ago. Normally, my stories are happy ones, and I hope they have been entertaining to my fans. With a heavy heart, I offer you something different this month. A true and truly sad story.

If you have been following my stories, you also know that I have a sister named Jasmine. Her humans, Michele and Michael, are the daughter and son-in-law of my human. They call Jasmine “Jaz” or “Jazzy” for short.

I’ll recap a bit of our history, for those who may not have read my previous story about Jaz.

Jaz and I had lived in a shelter for a short time before Michele and Emily walked through the door and into our hearts. Michele and Michael had been searching for a cat to adopt and came across a picture of a beautiful gray and white cat, advertised as “Jasmine.” Being sisters, we look somewhat similar. But where I am a black and white tuxedo cat, Jaz was gray and white. She had more white on her face than I did, but, like me, she had green eyes, sported a beautiful white bib, and wore white booties.

Jasmine “Jaz” or “Jazzy”

For Michele and Michael, it was love at first sight of that online photo; it fell to Michele to go to the shelter to adopt her. She invited her mom along for the ride, and the rest is history. Oh, sorry—I forgot. For those who don’t know, Emily adopted me that day, against her better judgment and, it is safe to say, against her free will, too, because I did things that made it all but impossible for her to leave that shelter without me. But I digress. The bottom line is that Michele fell even more in love with Jasmine, and fortunately, Emily also fell in love. With me. So, we both got forever homes that day; at the time, I didn’t realize they’d be separate homes. However, Emily and Michele live very close to each other and I got to see Jaz from time to time. That helped ease our initial feelings of sadness at being separated.

Seven years later . . . I have lost my sister, my best friend.

One day not too long ago, Jaz got sick. Because her symptoms were worsening, her humans took her to the vet, and one test led to another. Finally, a fatal diagnosis was made. Jaz had terminal cancer.

How did this happen? It seemed that one day she was fine and the next she was not. Reminded me of some lines from a poignant Kris Kristofferson song called Feeling Mortal (my human listens to him all the time and, consequently, so do I): “Here today and gone tomorrow, that’s the way it’s gotta be. I’ve begun to soon descend, like the sun into the sea.”

Jaz was descending into the sea. Michele and Michael decided to allow the vet to help Jaz cross the Rainbow Bridge. Now there’s a hole where our hearts used to be.

I miss my sister.

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