Publishing with a Side of Self-Sabotage

by L Dalton White

So, my first novel was self-publishedalmost self-everythingand nothing happened. The second time around, I got a new editor, professional book cover and formatting. Nothing happened. The little I knew from an online course on book marketing wasn’t helping. Do it yourself wasn’t getting it done. I wanted something to happen.

Spoiler alert: it’s a business, a whole other set of skills, a whole new enemy to befriend. Enter the real villain. Resistance, by any other name, keyword, or hashtag, remains a sneaky ghost. Seldom seen in lit rooms or sunshine, Resistance always ruins my best efforts, hell, any efforts at all, by enlisting my deepest fears. In no time, I willingly sabotage the entire project!

Okay, you’ve been warned and I can return to my comfort zone—writing. Of course, writers make poor protagonists––self-conscious, brooding, yuck––and even poorer socialites on the…

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