15 Tips for Writing Poetry

A Writer's Path

by Jacqui Murray

Poetry is not something I’m good at writing so I enjoy it vicariously through online friends like this amazing poem by Diana over at Myths of the Mirror or Andrew’s (at Andrew’s View of the Week) poem about the River. I’ve been following them for several years and always find their poetry startlingly personal, quick peeks into a world ruled by emotion and heart. I’m way too structured for that so only enjoy it through someone else’s eyes.

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6 thoughts on “15 Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. I agree with a number of the points made in the original article. I would endorse the author’s view that reading other poet’s work can assist in developing the capacity to produce poetry. (Even if someone either does not wish to write poetry or, for whatever reason find they are unable to do so), reading poetry is worthwhile in and of itself owing to the pleasure derived by doing so. The best poetry comes from the soul. In the final analysis, some people possess the ability to write poetry while others do not. This is not a criticism, it is merely the statement of a fact. There is a fashionable belief that anyone can do, anything if they only put their mind to it. This is both eroneous and cruel. Having said that, one may still gain pleasure from an activity (whether that be painting, poetry or astronomy) without ever becoming proficient in the activity. This is wonderful, however, when people delude themselves (or become deluded by others) into thinking they possess greater capacities than they in fact do, this can set them on the road to heartache. Kevin

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