Meet Guest Author, Aryan Dhiman…

I am a techie by professional but from the very beginning I found myself connected to the world of books, reading and finally writing. A small family whom I am always grateful for whatever I am today or would be any other day and also my best friend who is like my brother who always criticizes me getting the best out of the newbie author. 

I feel the real home is the place where we are gathered, gathered not only in the sense of being family of blood relations but also a family of friends, the people we connect with whether they are the people whom we are meeting for the very first time or we have known them from more than a decade.

I loved reading novels and one evening I could not help but read a hell lot for a day till the end of the story was captured by my eyes, the moment I closed the book I decided to become an author, so in the nutshell that day or the moment which made me realize my potential inspired me.

I collect from my experiences , once you start reading my text you would automatically feel my personality being expressed and as I told earlier, the real life experiences are captured in my books as per my latest book “Story Of a Lonely Lady” in which a journalist’s life has been manifested as fiction which I collected from a real lady I met during my project.

Other than writing books I like to adventure along with the world again and again till I reach the point of ultimate saturation, my sweats making my clothes wet enought to have a laugh with someone ready to be tired again.

I have written 4 books out of which I would like to tell you about my most favorite, although all are mine but I am in touch with a particular, “A Mystic Saint:Meerabai”

It is about a wandering lady who loves God more than her family, more than her surrounding world and even her husband. The harrassment by world doesn’t stop her ultimate love and Krishna-The Dark Lord does something strange in the end.

I would like to express a poem in some lines written by Meerabai for her Dark Lord:

“That dark dweller in Braj
Is my only refuge.
O my companion, worldly comfort is an illusion,
As soon you get it, it goes.
I have chosen the indestructible for my refuge,
Him whom the snake of death will not devour.
My beloved dwells in my heart all day,
I have actually seen that abode of joy.
Meera’s lord is Hari, the indestructible.
My lord, I have taken refuge with you, your maidservant”

Another novel which I would like to talk about is “Story of a Lonely Lady”, it is based on real life journalist who requested not to expose her real name but she made me to express something unusual happenings in her life.

A girl Suhana who is deprived of her destiny in her personal life is full of enthusiasm in her work but one day everything changes when Sameer comes in her Life changing every wish she ever desired.

An excerpt from the book:

I work hard for my company, I believe in people to record my documentaries but my life, my husband, my baby, everyone left me without recording mine, without asking what I wanted, without any love or care.
Have I done anything wrong with them, will anyone love me as I need it?
Why did you Sameer come in my life, to make it hell?
I need answers, someone please help me…I need love, someone please love me….I need…

My words I appreciate: Just wanna feel connected to others and grasp their lives to portray with a new ink filled in a stunning vessel made up of huge smiling words.






7 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Aryan Dhiman…

  1. It is a pleasure to meet you, Aryan. I love your perspective on life: Our real home is where we are gathered with friends and family. So true – home is where the heart is. Your books sound intriguing, and I wish you much success with them ♥

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