Public Speaking Tips for Writers: 7 Keys for a Great Speech…

by Monica M. Clark  on The Write Practice Site:

One thing I’ve learned about writers, it’s that we hate public speaking.

Sure, public speaking tips are helpful—but we’d rather not have to give a speech in the first place.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about publishing, it’s that you’d better be able to speak publicly. It’s essential for pitching your book, sitting on panels, leading author talks, and more. One of my journalist friends was even asked to give an actual commencement speech to our high school!

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7 Public Speaking Tips for Writers


8 thoughts on “Public Speaking Tips for Writers: 7 Keys for a Great Speech…

  1. I enjoy doing presentations, and last year (to my astonishment) was asked to speak at a big, expensive conference/training event. I enjoy it because I enjoy conversations — and speaking is really just a conversation.
    Have a sensational Sunday. Mega hugs.

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  2. Teaching for decades was wonderful way to put all these tips into practice. I would intersperse cartoons, questions, and the occasional joke or odd fact – just to keep their interest.

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